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Industrial Washers

Since cleaning parts is a need of many industry sectors, industrial washers are essential for guaranteeing a quality product.

Washers are a vital equipment within the industry that works with parts. Since industrial parts are quite diverse, there are several models of these machines, to wash parts in the most suitable way. One of them is the tunnel washer. This model is one of the most versatile in the market because it can be completely molded to the customers’ needs, by conveyor belt or overhead conveyor. This machine uses high technology and each of its working and composition features may be adjusted, thus generating the best possible results, since it is designed to work with very specific parts.

  • Continuous Tunnel Washers.
  • Static Tunnel Washers.
  • Immersion Parts Washers.
  • Plastic Box Washers.
  • Rotating Basket Washers.
  • Washers with Dryers.