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Thermal Treatments

The thermal treatments field is another one where Fimel offers reliable and high-quality solutions. Having robust equipment and using Digital Control Technology, Fimel produces thermal treatment furnaces for various purposes.

The V.W.3 and V.W.4. furnaces are part of our manufacture range. They possess technical features that allow them to harden, anneal, and temper steel with a high degree of precision due to the application of direct burning.

Some of the main equipment we manufacture include:

  • Thermal Treatment Furnaces.
  • Steel Hardening, Annealing, and Tempering Furnaces.
  • Modules with Catalytic Panels.
  • Dryers and Chambers for Phytosanitary Treatment.
  • Acrylic, Plastic and Fabric Heating Chambers.
  • Static Polymerization Chambers.
  • Plastic Granulate Drying Chambers.
  • Direct burning.