FIMEL has in its facilities three complete electrostatic powder coating lines to paint parts for customers.

  • Powder coatings (multimetal);
  • 3 and 4m/minute speeds;
  • Painting of parts with up to 12m long;
  • Aluminum Lacquering.

This department of the company has rapid response structures so that we can paint parts in record time. Fimel has capacity to paint big parts that can reach 12 meters long.

At Fimel we can make color adjustments very quickly, ensuring extremely short waiting times. We ensure short response time, quality and a wide range of painting services.

Fimel also has capacity and technology to provide fast and quality services in Aluminum Lacquering.


Technical Support and Maintenance Services for our customers

Fimel has a specialized team of technicians that can provide immediate technical support and maintenance services.

Equipment Remote Maintenance Service for our customers

Fimel also has solutions for remotely monitoring and diagnosing malfunctions (remote maintenance). This way a specialized technician can correct possible problems in a timely manner, without the need to relocate a maintenance team. Through these technologies, we ensure to our customers a drastic reduction in the inactivation time of the equipment, regardless of the countries where they are located, as well as a low cost maintenance.



Electric switchboards assembly services for our customers

Assembly of electric switchboards in accordance with the development of electric projects to specific equipment


Stamping service in metallic parts for customers

General services of stamping, according to our customers’ specifications.