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Painting Solutions

Regarding our painting line, we have solid structures to meet our clients’ requirements, study and design the best solution, manufacture, assembly and provide after-sales support to all the components of an electrostatic painting line.

Combined to our technology, we have vast experience due to the many years of activity and the several industry fields where we work. Our connection to international companies allows us to keep up with cutting-edge technology, providing our CUSTOMERS with updated solutions.

Some of the main equipment we manufacture include:

  • Liquid Paint and Powder Coating Machines for metallic, plastic and wood parts.
  • Lacquering Machines.
  • Machines with Static or Continuous Pickling Tubs.
  • Industrial Lamination Machines (teflon, polyamide, etc).
  • Powder Coating Booths.
  • Liquid Paint Booths.
  • Dry Paint Booths.
  • Wet paint booths.
  • Automotive Paint Booths.
  • Hand Wash Booths.